Parenting is a challenging job and takes a lot of your time. I believe parents when they tell me about the behaviors of their children. You may have read books on parenting and talked to other professionals and counselors on how to handle your child’s behaviors.  You may feel pressured by family members and teachers to control your child’s behavior at home and school, and especially out in public places. You may, at times, feel unsupported by your partner/spouse because he/she is working all the time, disagrees with the way you are parenting your child, or complains about being too tired to help you. Sometimes you get so mad or frustrated with your child’s behavior that you find yourself screaming and yelling at your child, scaring them.

You may have told yourself many times that you would never raise your child like your parents did because you remember how scared or hurt you were at times when you were a child. Sometimes the child inside you wishes someone was there to protect you, tell you everything is going to be okay, and make you feel safe. I believe parents need just as much support as their child. I will provide a safe place for both you and your child, where both of you will be heard and supported. You don’t have to go through this alone; I will be here with you and for you throughout your child’s counseling experience.

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