How Long Will I Need To Be In Therapy?

It will vary from person to person and it is impossible to determine the length of time a person will be in therapy. I suggest investing 4-6 sessions and then we can collaborate on goals and challenges and set a clearer treatment plan. 

What is your Fee per session?

My fee is $100.  I will be glad to discuss this during our 15 minute consultation call. I will meet with you for 50 minutes each session, and if you require more session time, we can also discuss at the first appointment. I am on a few insurance panel, click here to see if I am part of your insurance network. 

What to Expect for the First Appointment ?

Prior to the first appointment, I will send you an e-mail with a link to create an online secure portal where you will have access to the necessary forms that will need to be completed prior to the first appointment. If you do not have access to a computer, I will be happy to provide a paper form of my policy and consent form to fill out 15-20 minutes prior to the first appointment.  

How do I Make An Appointment?

You may call or e-mail me through the Contact page