Finding a Child Therapist in Orange County, Costa Mesa, CA.

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Typically parents will seek counseling or therapy for their children when other professionals, whether it may be the school counselor, the child's pediatrician, or even the parent's own therapist suggest their child could benefit from counseling or therapy. Or parent's notice a change in their child's mood, increase in anxiety, isolating from peers and family, the child experiencing the stress of his/her parents going through a high conflicted divorce, or experienced a traumatic event (physical, sexual, emotional abuse, neglect, medical trauma, etc).

It can be overwhelming of where to start in finding a therapist who specializes in working with children and adolescents..

How do you find a therapist in Orange County, Costa Mesa, CA?

1. You can google "Child Therapist", "Play Therapist", or "Child Counseling" in Costa Mesa, CA or different city based on your location.

2. A popular site is psychology today where you can find a therapist in your area. If you plan to use insurance, you can filter therapist who accepts your insurance in your area. 

3. Sometimes talking to your child's pediatrician or the child's school may also be able to provide a list of therapist and agencies in the area.

4. If you as the parent are receiving counseling or therapy services, you can ask your therapist if they have any child therapist they would recommend.