How Long Will My Child Need To Be In Therapy?

My belief is that children should not be in therapy forever. Some children may only require a few therapy sessions, and some children may require more sessions, which will really depend on the presenting psychological concerns and other environmental and life factors. I will be meeting with the parents for a brief consultation (5-10 minutes), and if more consultation time is required, I would be happy to schedule another time to have more time to discuss about your child progress and parenting guidance. Check out my blog where I provide parenting tips. 

What is your Fee per session?

My fee is between $100-$130, and it will vary on the type of service being provided.  I will be glad to discuss this during our 15 minute consultation call. For young children I will generally meet with them 40-45 minutes. I will also meet with the parent(s)  after session for a brief consultation (5-10 minutes). If consultation exceeds 10 minutes, it will be necessary to schedule an additional parent consultation session at the set fee that we have agreed on at the start of treatment per 45 minutes. I am on a few insurance panel, click here to see if I am part of your insurance network. 

How do I Make An Appointment For My Child?

You may call or e-mail me through the Contact page. Once we have scheduled your child's first appointment, I will send you an e-mail with a link to a secure portal where you will create an account to get access to the documentations that must be completed prior to the first appointment. 

What to Expect for the First Appointment with my Child?

The first initial appointment will be with the parent(s) only. The first appointment is to gather information regarding concerns related to child and any relevant information that parent(s) wish to share without the child present. It is also an opportunity for you as the parent and I to determine if I will be a good fit for the family and your child. If either of us decides that I am not a good fit for the family and your child, Iā€™m happy to provide referrals to other therapists in town that I trust.