Child Counseling

If you are noticing your child is acting different, such as: frequent mood changes, crying and tantrums, getting upset or angry more often, behavior problems at school, refusing to do homework, excessive worries and fears, fighting with brothers or sisters or other children, not listening to you, talking back, sleeping and eating problems, withdrawing from family and friends. These are signs of emotional issues that I can provide professional help to you and your child.

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We often ask our children why they are mad or sad and then tell them to use their words to communicate their feelings, but even adults have a difficult time expressing their needs and feelings with words sometimes. If adults have a hard time verbalizing their feelings, imagine how much more difficult it is for a young child to find the words to tell you how they are feeling. Just like how babies cry to communicate their needs (a diaper change, hunger, or a need for attention from mommy and daddy), children often communicate their feelings and needs through behaviors (crying, clingy, tantrums, misbehaving at home - in school or out in public). Maybe your child tried to show you how they feel or what they needed many times before, but after many attempts you notice they turn to “bad” behaviors to get your attention. The school may call to complain about their behavior; or you notice they may become moody or hard to calm down; or they start tearing up around the house.

You probably have tried everything and talked to other professionals, but nothing seems to work or maybe only helps for a short period of time. My approach is much different, and many parents I have worked with say that the counseling I provided has really helped their child and the whole family. Parents also say my services have helped reduce their own stress and worries about their child. I will support and work with you throughout your child’s counseling experience; to help you throughout and make sure you will never feel alone.

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Play is a child’s natural way of communicating, they show you how they feel in the way they play. They express their feelings and needs through play and organize their world. Play is also a way for a child to practice learned new skills for their day-to-day life interactions. When children engage in play, it provides them a sensory and soothing experience, helps regulate their emotions and body rhythms, and provides a way to show you their experiences and feelings through pretend play.

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