Your heart races every time you get a call from the school.

You dread those moments, waiting to hear from frustrated teachers and staff. They say your child is out of control and every week you hold your breath knowing your kid might not make it through the week without another meltdown



You'd rather hide out at work than go home to face the chaos. 

You love your kids but you just don't know how to handle all their challenging behaviors and outbursts.
You wish there was a parent vacation where you could
check out of this mess for a week or two.

I can help you!

My role is to partner with you, your parenting partner, and your child to figure out the where and why of these behaviors, so we can get to the other side of how to best help your child progress past them, and get you enjoying life with your kid and family again!

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Play Therapy Can Help!

I help children by utilizing Play Therapy, an evidence--based practice, and developmentally appropriate approach that reaches children using their natural language-play. I collaborate with the parents to support them in supporting their child feel better.